Sunday, November 30, 2008

Heisler Park Bluffs

8x10 Framed $250
Oil on Archival Linen Board

This is painted from one of many photos that I took while in Laguna and Newport doing a workshop with Greg LaRock recently. It was an excellent workshop! This day was really windy but it didn't take away from the pleasure of being there. At the end of this last day we went over to the Laguna Art Museum to see the new exhibit, In Nature's Temple: The Life & Art of William Wendt. As always, the paintings in real life were so much more exciting than the colour plates in a book will show. Although having said that, the book/catalogue of this exhibit is excellent!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Safe Harbour

9 x 12 Framed $285.00
Oil on Archival Linen Board
This was painted from a photo my husband took when he was in Tahiti in '78. It was faded badly so he was getting concerned the memory would be lost. One day we'll get there together but in the meantime, painting this was a warm pleasure.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Balboa study

Oil on linenboard

This is a small study done in a workshop I took last weekend with Greg LaRock in the Laguna area. It was an excellent workshop in plein air painting. This study had to do with maintaining the value masses. The workshop was a pleasure, well organized, lots of info and did I mention the sun? So nice as we head into winter this week.
The weekend ended with a visit to the William Wendt show at the Laguna Art Gallery that was fantastic. Seeing the composition and brushstokes up close was amazing.
It's been a busy couple of weeks as our painting group had taken a trip to Calgary the weekend before to do a workshop with Doug Swinton and watch a demo by Jerry Markham. It was also wonderful so my head is a bit swimming with new information. All the packing and unpacking left me with little time to paint, never mind post but I'm happy to be back at it now.