Monday, December 6, 2010

Saffron and Turmeric

8x8 Oil on Board $250.00 framed

This is another of the series I've been painting of the aspens along my walk. I think I'm hanging onto the warm fall we had this year. Today it's cold and sunny, the kind of day that makes you feel deeply happy whilst also making you want to keep a very quick pace to get home to a warm cup of tea.
Another of this series, Jewels of Fall was included in this months Canadian Brushstroke Magazine. If you haven't seen this magazine, I urge you to take a look! It's an excellent online magazine, published every 2nd month and free to subscribers. There is an article this month profiling the massive project called Project Heroes which is slated to show in 2012. Three of my good friends Susan Abma, Cindy Revell and Shairl Honey are working on it.