Thursday, March 5, 2009

Chinese Teapot and Orange

6x6 oil on board

This little painting is a birthday card for a friend. It's another of the exercises paintings that must be done in under 2 hours so the fabric looks a bit like snow. So many things to think about at once!

A number of painters having been considering recently, what puts them into the creative space. It reminded me that our parents would coerce us to tidy our rooms by saying "A tidy room is a tidy mind." I don't know if they invented that but I know that if I make my bed and tidy the dishes before I start the day, it helps. Or if I'm stuck and I clean a drawer, it can work.
These days I feel inspired by bright colours, I'll be thrilled to have flowers in the garden again.

Now I'm back to practising plums for a larger commission. Have a wonderful creative day!

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Edward Burton said...

Wonderful painting, Tracey! Very dramatic and beautiful.