Thursday, February 4, 2010

Quick Paintings

An early Christmas present was a road trip to Calgary to do a 2 hr. workshop with Doug Swinton and watch the Friday Night demo with Neil Patterson at Swintons Art Supply in Calgary . The road conditions were crazy with cars in the ditch both ways but it was so worth it, thanks to Susan for driving! Neil's demo was amazing, he painted a 4x6 ft canvas fearlessly and beautifully.
Both Neil and Doug urged us to build a habit of doing a quick painting everyday focusing on visual editing, lots of paint, and strong values. This is one of the little ones I’ve done since coming home. I think this will prove to be one of the most important projects I have done. I'll post more on how I'm approaching it and what I'm learning over the next while. I'm moved into my new studio and soo happy to be there.


Linny D. Vine said...

Lovely in it's simplicity, Tracey!

Tracey Mardon said...

Thanks Linny, I love that landscape and always feel happy and warm when I'm painting it! Love your cherry blossoms by the way!

Kim Blair said...

Hi Tracey:
This is a fabulous quick study! I love the spontaneity and directness of your strokes. Keep 'em coming!