Thursday, January 8, 2015

#8 Terwillegar Park Lone Tree

#8 Terwillegar Park Lone Tree   6 x 6 Paper on Board   $125.00 unframed

I'm taking a turn this week with snow. I've had a yen to paint this scene in our dog walking park for years so I decided I would give it a try today. What a lovely day, first a friend showed up with a latte and a big smile, then one of my boys and his dog popped in. Then to top it off, the hysterically funny radio podcast of Vinyl Street Cafe's "Babysitters" show was playing. If you see any errant squiggles you'll understand it's very difficult to paint while laughing yourself silly!
I realize after I painted this scene that it was just the same sort of day as today, sunny but very cold! 

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