Thursday, January 1, 2009

Curlew in Balboa

6 X 8 NFS-study
Oil on Board
This wonderful bird was basking in the sun in Balboa and I just had to paint him today. The sun was shining on his beak and it was the brightest magenta. There seems to be a recurring theme of sunshine in Laguna happening in my paintings, likely because of the -25C temps we've had for awhile in Edmonton. Thankfully, with beautiful clear skies for walking and skiing.
I was delighted today to see that Karen Appleton had linked my blog to hers. She is one of my favorite painters and a wise soul. I won't give it away but check it out and see for yourself.
I hope that you all have a wonderful year in 2009 and the warmth of family and friends today to start it off!


Cindy Revell said...

Love it Tracey.

Tracey Mardon said...

Thanks Cindy! I really enjoyed painting him. So peaceful and sure of himself, just enjoying the beautiful day like he owned the place.