Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Hopkins Path

5x7 Oil on Canvas unframed
$100.00 including shipping
These small studies start my painting day. I wrote in January
about Doug Swinton encouraging us to do them as often as
possible for the learning and fun. The idea is to make our
photographs as useful as possible by reducing the scene to the
it's iconic shapes.The exercise of painting these studies as often
as possible is so invigorating.
This scene is the path at Hopkins Landing where people walk
their dogs and take in the beauty of the place.
If you are interested in purchasing any of these small landscapes,
please contact me.


Laurel Daniel said...

Nice! The small dailies are a great way to keep yourself coming back to the easel, especially when you don't have much time in a day. I also really like Doug's challenge for the use of photographs - not for copying but for learning to simplify. FAB.

Róisín O'Farrell said...

Off to sunny Texas, you lucky thing! Will you get to paint while you're there?