Thursday, May 6, 2010

Fredricksburg Poppies

5x7 Oil on Canvas $75.00

This was the spectacular view I came upon as I turned a corner outside of Fredricksburg. The entire field was just a scarlet blaze. The ditches were filled with either bluebonnets or strawflowers. Hard to keep your eyes on the road! Thank goodness there is a pullout at most every driveway so people can pick up their mail from the boxes.

Our plan was originally to do a circle drive from San Antonio through the Hill Country to Austin where we were heading for a few nights after the conference. As best laid plans go, they often need adjustment. Turned out I was on my own for the day. Would it be worth the drive by myself? It would mean driving there and back to San Antonio by dinner time. It was well worth the drive, I'm so glad I went. Actually I went about 30 miles beyond Fredricksburg to see the fields of wild flowers I'd heard about.


Kim VanDerHoek said...

This is a lovely painting Tracey! I like your composition and the way you handled your edges on the tree. Nice job!

Laurel Daniel said...

That's how it is in the spring here! You just have to keep going a little farther, just in case...
This year's wildflowers were really spectacular and you came at just the right time!!! :)