Tuesday, May 4, 2010

San Antonio Fun

As I’m looking out the window, it’s snowing like crazy in Edmonton. I tell myself the farmers will be thrilled and if we were still in Vancouver it would be pelting down rain. But still, it makes it so easy to slip back into my memories of our little trip last week to warm, sunny Texas. The week before we left was so busy stocking up the larder for the boys and getting organized to go that when we landed in San Antonio it felt a bit like hitting paradise! What a great city with gracious people, the River Walk and such wonderful food! Good thing the city is so walkable.
The highlights of San Antonio for me were the afternoon I spent at the McNay Art Museum to see their Impressionist exhibit and the Greenhouse Gallery around the corner to see the Salon International 2010 show. My blogpal Laurel Daniel had her painting Lake Road accepted so I wanted to see that live, so to speak. The exhibit was 392 paintings and it astounded me, It rivaled exhibits of many large city galleries and I can’t imagine how long it took them to hang it!

McNay Art Museum /Greenhouse Gallery

We had a glass of wine with friends on the patio at the Hotel Contessa and a wonderful anniversary dinner at Las Canarias where the chef specializes in using Hill Country game and the setting is a beautiful old college building. Both restaurants are on the Riverwalk so the ambience is such a part of the experience. The last night of our stay we walked down to Rosario’s on S. Alamo for a fantastic Mexican dinner and walked back in a warm evening breeze. Am I repeating myself? Get the picture? It was a great town for a romantic or restful time. It felt like I was in another world but the flight wasn’t overwhelming and the language and currency are easy.
More about Austin in a couple of days and I promise I won’t turn this into a travel blog but please just indulge me for a few days of Art travel.

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