Thursday, January 27, 2011

Aspens Journal

Aspens Journal 5x7 $45.- SOLD
My favorite grove of aspens had to make it on one of these journals. I've painted it a few times in a square format but I decided that I like the vertical as well. I love the combination of craggy and graceful with these trees. So often when you're walking past the sun will land on a group of shrubs and light them up like jewels. And you all know colour is my thing.


Maria's Watercolor said...

You have painted a beautiful journal, very nice idea and a wonderful painting.

Kim VanDerHoek said...

This is really beautiful Tracey! I like your brushwork on this one.

You last journal is nice too. I had no idea that snow gets warmer as it goes back into the picture plane. Thanks for the tip. If I ever paint in snow I'll keep that in mind.

The Fine Art of Fred Meunier said...

Very nice painting... Sorry to take so long to say HI. I am just getting to understand this thing. Do keep in touch.. Fred(Erick)