Sunday, April 12, 2009

Ligularia Othello Sketch

Happy Easter weekend!!! And happy springtime. Last weekend we still had almost two feet of snow in the backyard and I was chipping glaciers out of the culdesac so that I still had some suspension in my van. This Sat. we did Sketchcrawl and had a great day. We'll be there again this summer. Thanks to Terry Elrod and Cindy Revell for organizing it. There are more cities participating every quarter. If you're interested check it out. It was a glorious day, 18c by the afternoon. I feel like a little kid, yippee, spring is here!

It's been a very busy month, I was shocked to come back and see that it was nearly a month since my last post. Lots of work marketing, studio rearranging and work on a commission painting but not far enough along to post it.

Today was our anniversary and Easter dinner but I had to go out and do a quick sketch. The snow has melted and the perennials are just beautiful. I was so glad I didn't have time to cut the Ligularia before fall. When it's winter in Edmonton, it certainly is, but it turns quickly, with daylight lasting well into the evening.

I also wanted to pass along two links that I think you will enjoy. One is Lianne Faulder's blog Eat My Words Lianne is an award winning journalist and she had some great book recommendations for Peter Brown recently. The other is a link to a two part interview with Chloe Albert on the Tony King program on CKUA. Besides CBC, Chloe's album Dedicated State is my favorite music to paint to. She recently won Emerging Artist of the Year and will be at Folkfest this summer.
I think of Easter as a time of Hope and that's certainly what I felt in my garden today!

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