Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Blueberry Fields Forever

6x8 Oil on Board

This is a scene in Pitt Meadows B.C. in early Feb. , a bit of a contrast to the snow scene I posted the other day which was taken about a month earlier. There are acres and acres of blueberry fields and a walking path along the dyke so the walkers get to enjoy it. It's hard to believe how close you are to a big city, there are kilometres of walking paths along the dyke and it's all very peaceful.


Laurel Daniel said...

I love the contrast of the warm purples in the foreground to the receding cool ones in the background. Very peaceful and are the blueberries ready to be eaten? Makes me hungry! :)

FCP said...

Nice use of color, Tracey. I have never seen a blueberry field--thanks for sharing,

Linny D. Vine said...

You've really captured Pitt Meadows, Tracey, and I love your artful composition!